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Endorsements for Brad Manke for Sheriff

from around the state....and our backyard


Endorsed by the Stevens County Republican Central Committee

Doug Mcquain

I endorse Brad for his background experience, integrity & straight answers to my questions regarding county incarceration policies.

Doug McQuain

Kelly T Hembach

I have been in Public service for 38 years. I have recently retired with 30 in Law Enforcement. I have know Brad Manke and the Manke family for 28 years. It is evident by the support Brad has from the surrounding standing and past Sheriffs of neighboring counties as well as Sheriff Allen , that he is the choice for the Citizens of Stevens County. A vote for Brad Manke is a vote for you security and well being for the next four years as your Sheriff. Send in your mail in ballots...fill in the box for Brad Manke. Brad Manke......Dependable, compassionate, caring and the right person for the job, Sheriff of Stevens County.

Rick anderson

I work with Brad on a daily basis. He has my full support for Stevens County Sheriff. Our county is bigger and more complicated than most people know and Brad is the right person to lead it into the future.

michael swim

I have worked with Brad throughout his entire career. There is no one I know of more qualified and dedicated to the people of Stevens County. I would be honored to have him as the Stevens County Sheriff!

Janet harbolt

Jordyn stewart

craig martin

Shelley rae jones

aaron buckley

holly hergesheimer

jan patterson

monica leclaire

mark wittmeyer

barb blackman

stacy cunningham-gregg

monty ray jones

lisa shjerve gleave

charles a meese

travas fandrey

Elected Official Endorsements

Hon. Larry Kristianson Former Stevens County Superior Court Judge

Patricia Chester Stevens County Clerk

Tim Rasmussan Stevens County Prosecutor

Larry Guenther Former Stevens County Commissioner

Tony Delgado Former Stevens County Commissioner

Merrill Ott Former Stevens County Commissioner

Malcom Friedman Former Stevens County Commissioner

David McGrane, Attorney

Patti Hancock, Former Stevens County Coroner

Bill Beatty, Former Colville City Council

libby Andres Fox

I’ve known Brad for many years and I know he is a very dedicated man. He has served our community in many ways, Colville Fire Dept (he was the chief), Stevens County Team Rescue, and many years protecting us on the Sheriffs dept. I’ve seen Brad in serious situations and in the company of friends. He’s got a great head on his shoulders and a wicked personality. I know what kind of man it takes to be the sheriff...I lived with one of the great ones for many years. It takes a man with excellent team work skills, dedication to the community, seriousness and humor (you HAVE to have that balance), patience and understanding from your family (he has a great family), and a great following of supporters such as myself!!! 😂Vote for Brad. 👍🏼

danielle Cote

Brad has always been a very intellectual and giving man. There has never been a time in my whole life that he has ever let me, his family, his friends, or his peers down. He always has and always will do what is best for the people around him! He has my complete support! 💙

DOUg Mcquain

What’s not to like about Brad and his background experience, not to mention his (d)emocratic spirit! This Democrat supports Brad Manke for Stevens County Sheriff.

Andy harbolt

I have served the great people of Stevens County for nearly 24 years! And as a volunteer with Colville PD prior to that for 5 years! Brad has been both my friend and co worker and I have had the opportunity to supervise and watch him flourish as a leader! Their is no one else that can take this office where it needs to go! He is realistic, educated and trained! His qualifications are real and not fluff! You can not lead from the rear! You lead from the front! Brad knows the
job and is the only candidate that can relate to us! Citizens of Stevens County! Educate yourselves on the qualifications and make up your own minds. You wont be disappointed with Brad Manke for Sheriff! I guarantee you!

ian hayes

He is the right man for the job, people do your research and make the right choice......Manke for Sheriff.

stephanie anderson

Vote for Brad!! He is a great man and will do a great job for Stevens County! 👍🏼

Merril ott

Brad, You have my support. Having seen first hand the operations of the sheriff's office for eight years as a county commissioner, I know the challenges you face. I believe you will accomplish these tasks with all due diligence and success. We're really happy with your decision to run, and really appreciate your willingness to serve. I've observed your progress over the years, and you are the best qualified to be our sheriff!

Merrill Ott
Stevens County Commissioner 2003-2010

Elected Sheriff Endorsements

Kendle Allen Stevens County Sheriff

Ozzy Knezovich Spokane County Sheriff

Alan Botzheim Pend Oreille County Sheriff

Wade Magers Lincoln County Sheriff

Ray Maycumber Ferry County Sheriff

Brian Winter Yakima County Sheriff

John Turner Walla Walla County Sheriff

Drew Hyer Garfield County Sheriff

Rick Scott Grays Harbor County Sheriff

Mark Nelson Cowlitz County Sheriff

Casey Salisbury Mason County Sheriff

Nancy Perow Krajcik

I’ve been in law enforcement for 30 years working in two vastly different departments. I’ve worked with a lot of administration and street”cops” Brad has what it takes to get the job done! UNLIKE his opponent he’s worked almost every detail within the Sheriff’s department gathering hands on experience. UNLIKE his opponent he has a way of bringing the troops “together” not dividing them.
UNLIKE his opponent he’s hardworking and dedicated to his job. UNLIKE his opponent he has no hidden agenda. Serving Stevens county is his agenda .

beth manning

I have known Brad for many years. He cares about our county and our citizens. He is a stand up guy, has a vast knowledge of our county, and is dedicated to our community. He has years of experience in different areas of law enforcement in our county and I believe that is what makes the best candidate for Sheriff. Brad and his family have my full support.

Ashley Pratt

Excited and thankful for Brad's announcement to become an election choice for Stevens County Sheriff, proud to know him, proud to support him and excited for the future! You have our vote!

Current Area Law Enforcement/Support Staff Endorsements

Mike Swim         Mark Coon         Amy Nigg            Ian Hayes             Dustin Hughes       

Crystal Lofts       Loren Erdman    Kellie Rice           Jacob Keith           Terry Coffendaffer

Mike Gilmore    Greg Gowin       Greg Young        Dan Dutton            Kisha Hughes

Loren Hartman Rick Anderson   Andy Harbolt      Jason Foster          Tamela Merrill

Donnie Nigg       Tony Gorst        John Lofts            Russell Chartrey   Connie Brozik

Iain Ashley         Adam Kowal    Michael Welch    Wayne Gagnon    Jeremy Proszek

Jacob Mellott    Nancy Krajcik   Dave Manning    Tina Cannon          Travis Hurst

Julie Walker     Todd Mooney    Keith Kendall      Devon Stomley

Former Area Law Enforcement Endorsements

Damond Meshishnek Colville Police Chief (Retired)               Mike George Stevens County Captain (Retired)                   

Rick Barthule CBP Port Director (Retired)                                  Rick Miller Border Patrol (Retired)

Tim Blackman Stevens County Sergeant (Retired)                     

Carl Eklund Border Patrol Agent in Charge (Retired)

Tony Harbolt Former Kettle Falls Police Chief

Debbie McCanna Stevens County 911 Coordinator (Retired)

Dan Anderson Former Stevens County Sergeant

Rogers Lofts Career Stevens County Reserve (Retired)